IP Generation

Whether you are starting from scratch or refining your vision, we have a proven track record of creating compelling concepts and building vast worlds full of storytelling possibilities.

World-Class Writing & Design

When it comes to writing meaningful dialogue and memorable characters, or designing narrative-rich spaces, our work has entertained and inspired audiences around the world.

Independent Development

We yearn to create new experiences for everyone to enjoy, and will be revealing more about our first in-house project in the coming months. Stay tuned!


Polyhedron Productions was founded in 2015 by writer and game designer C.J. Kershner. Our mission is to tell great stories, primarily in the medium of video games, but also through film, radio, and comics.

Our projects bring together a love of language, history, and exploration, and our previous work has been nominated for the WGA Award and the BAFTA.

We call the mountains and valleys of upstate New York home, but collaborate with friends and studios all around the world.


Polyhedron Productions is guided by five core principles which we hope will be reflected in the work we do here, the projects we collaborate on elsewhere, and the spaces — both real and digital — we create.


Inclusive Entertainment

Everyone is welcome. We strive to make our projects engaging for all, to represent the beautiful diversity we see in the world around us, and to seriously consider all constructive feedback.


Healthy Work Atmosphere

We believe people give their best effort when their mental and physical needs are well supported, and they're not stressed about work. As part of that we publicly acknowledge crunch is a failure, and will do everything to avoid it.


Community Service

We're committed to fostering the next generation of creators by volunteering at nearby schools, museums, and libraries, and mentoring groups and individuals through incubators like Pixelles and Execution Labs.


Protect the Environment

We support conservation programs and try to use renewable resources to offset the non-renewable ones that make what we do possible, always mindful we share this planet with seven billion other people.


No Harassment

We have a zero-tolerance harassment policy, on-line and off. The safety of our employees and audiences is paramount, whether it's in our studio, our online community, or at one of our events. Everyone must be treated with respect.


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