Middle-earth: Shadow of War out now

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Ever wonder what Uruks and Ologs talk about when they think nobody is listening*?

Well, wonder no longer. Middle-earth: Shadow of War, developed by Monolith Productions and WB Games, was released today.

Polyhedron Productions provided additional ambient dialogue, as well as contributed to the varied roster of captains and warchiefs.

It was an honor, not to mention a lot of fun, to write for something set in Middle-earth, and Monolith has done an amazing job bringing Tolkien’s world to life.

So the next time you sneak up on a group of unsuspecting orcs, be like Samwise and drop some eaves.

You can find more information about the game on the official website — www.shadowofwar.com — and check out the official launch trailer below.

*Favorite topics include: promotions, grog, devising new ways to torture humans, spiders, itching, and more grog.