Polyhedron @ WordPlay & MIGS 17

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Hi everyone, C.J. here with an announcement about a few (hopefully) engaging presentations in the coming months.

First up: we’ll be at the WordPlay 2017 festival, hosted by the Hand Eye Society and held at the Toronto Reference Library, for a panel — AAA Game Writers Heart Indie Narrative Games — and a microtalk entitled “Steal from the Past”.

There’s a killer line-up of speakers and sessions, but it’s a one-day only affair, so if you’re in the neighborhood on 18 November stop in and check it out. Best of all, it’s open to the public and free!

More information on the event’s site at:

Then on 11 December we head back to Canada, this time to “la belle province” (aka Quebec) for the Montréal International Game Summit (or MIGS 17 for short), held at Palais des congrès.

We’re delivering a talk in the advocacy track entitled “Games As Cultural Identity” that looks at how games can be used to showcase elements unique to the people and places that produced them. It’s a topic we’re passionate about, so we’re excited to share both our research and the great work of developers from all over the world.

To register for MIGS, head over to:

It’s a packed schedule, but represents a fantastic opportunity to talk with the public and our peers about the medium we love so much. Hope to see you there!