WordPlay & MIGS 17 – Part II

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Hey all, if we’ve been quiet the past few months it’s because we’re hard at work on a major collaboration (can’t say what… yet). But here are some of the highlights from our recent speaking tour.

We had a wonderful time at WordPlay, where we met a slew of new people, saw some old friends, attended inspiring talks, and enjoyed Toronto in general (we particularly like that it still uses subway tokens).

Special thanks go out to co-panelists Ann Lemay, Andrea Schmoll, and Ben Gelinas, festival director Chris Tihor, Hand Eye Society Executive Director Sagan Yee and Director of Operations Amanda Wong, and to all the other presenters, volunteers, and attendees who made the day a success.

MIGS was a bit of a blur… literally. A massive snowstorm blanketed Montréal a few days before the conference, but plenty of hardy developers still braved the cold to come out.

For those stuck at home, gamesindustry.biz spoke with C.J. about the session, and his previous efforts to respectfully portray other cultural identities in games like Homefront and Far Cry 4.

The talk sadly wasn’t recorded, but the conference organizers have put together a video that captures the overall experience. Enjoy!