Forgotton Anne released today

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Despite our superior mental capacity, we humans tend to forget a lot of stuff. Like where we left our keys…

But what if the things we’ve forgotten weren’t simply lost; what if they were actually transported to a realm FULL of other forgotten objects, which can now think and move and speak?

That’s the premise of Forgotton Anne, a gorgeous cinematic adventure, developed by Danish indie studio ThroughLine Games, published by the Square Enix Collective, and released today for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

We first met the ThroughLine team when they arrived in Montréal to be a part of Execution Labs‘ incubator program at GamePlay Space. Over the course of six months, they developed the concept into a playable prototype, and even at that early stage we knew it was going to be something special.

So we were thrilled when they invited us to spend a month in Copenhagen to help with the writing and editing process. We worked alongside creative director Alfred Nguyen, lead writer Morten Brunbjerg, and the rest of the talented team there to deliver what you can now download and enjoy for yourself.

Forgive the obvious bias, but Forgotton Anne has the makings of a masterpiece. It seamlessly merges a touching, complex story with compelling puzzles and platforming, brought to life by stunning, anime-inspired visuals, strong voice acting, and a sweeping orchestral score (composed by Peter Due and performed by the Copenhagen Philharmonic).

We could not be more proud of the dedicated individuals who made this, or of small part we played in its production.

Visit the game’s official website — — to learn more and check out the launch trailer below.