Polyhedron @ DreamHack Atlanta 2018 – Update #2

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Finally home after a grueling but glorious weekend.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by, gave the game a whirl, and had kind things to say afterward; special thanks to those who were open to saying them on camera. Preparing for a major expo can be stressful, but your enthusiasm fuels us and makes the whole experience an absolute joy.

Also thanks to the other cool developers (and studios) who were showing in the Indie Zone — we loved meeting/getting to know you, and relished the opportunity to play your awesome work!

Polyhedron @ DreamHack Atlanta 2018

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Hey all, got some very exciting news to share — we’re joining forces again with our friends at ThroughLine Games to bring Forgotton Anne to DreamHack Atlanta 2018!

While the team is in Denmark putting the finishing touches on the upcoming Nintendo Switch release (available 9 November), we’ll be in Georgia to show the game to fans, streamers, and press.

If you’re planning to attent the expo: Swing by, say hi, grab a controller and lose yourself in the Forgotten Realm. And who knows… we may even have prizes to give away.