2019 site updates

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Hi and happy new year!

This is an update about some improvements we’ve made to the website. Maybe not the most thrilling topic, but we wanted to highlight them all the same.

On the backend, we’ve installed a Trusted SSL certificate across the domain, so you’ll now see a little    in the address bar followed by https:// to let you know the site is secure and any information you enter (like your e-mail address in the contact form) will be kept private.

Speaking of the contact form/page, we had to add a reCAPTCHA widget to the bottom to reduce the spam we’ve been getting. It’s kind of inconvenient, and we apologize for that; on the plus side, robots apparently can’t identify cars or crosswalks in a photo, so the techno-apocalypse may not happen as soon as we feared*.

Finally, we’ve added a privacy statement to the bottom of the home page, as well as a standalone privacy page, to let you know where we stand on the issue.

There are still things we’d like to make better (like how the site appears on smartphones), and if you have any suggestions for changes you’d like to see please send ’em to us!

*Yes, we realize Google feeds these into a machine learning system, so we may actually be hastening the fall of humanity (or empowering AI to be even better at chess and Jeopardy). It’s a small sacrifice to save our inbox.