Polyhedron @ PAX East 2019

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Friends roamin’ the country, man, lend me your ears!

Today may be the Ides of March, but in roughly two weeks (28 – 31 March) we’re headed to Boston to help our good friends from Paranoid Productions demo their cult infiltration game The Church in the Darkness as part of the PAX East 2019 Indie MEGABOOTH.

We were fortunate to lend a hand last year, and had a ton of fun introducing attendees to preachers Isaac and Rebecca Walker, the Collective Justice Mission, and the compound hidden in the jungles of ’70s South America.

It was also the debut of the “One Shot, One Life” challenge — an ultra-hard mode that players could attempt once daily to win a set of real-world pins and postcards — which proved wildly popular and drew many back for repeat tries. Whether that gauntlet gets thrown again remains to be seen, but rest assured there will be happenings this year as well.

On top of that, the booth has some of the best decor on the show floor. Biased? For sure, but being surrounded by all the props and plants creates the feeling of stepping into another time and place.

This exhibition is also special since it will be the last one before the game is released. But if you can’t make it to PAX East yet still want to play before the general public, you can purchase the game from itch.io (via its publisher Fellow Traveller) for access to the Alpha build, as well as the full version on launch, 28-song soundtrack, and behind-the-scenes footage from the development process.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there/then and can’t wait to say more about the launch/later.