Last Updated: 1 January 2019
By our best assessment, this website contains approximately 14 “cookies” — tiny files downloaded to your computer — to enable certain features, and by visiting it you are consenting to their use (though you may also opt-out, see below).

The unfortunate price of browsing or hosting a site in this day and age is allowing major tech companies/service providers to track every page you view and every link you click, and sell your “anonymous” data to advertisers.

We loathe this practice, and encourage you to opt-out by enabling some level of tracking and cookie blocking in your browser’s settings.

Be forewarned, this may break the functionality of some sites, though it will not, as far as we know, affect this one. We are not interested in tracking you; we are interested in protecting the privacy of every individual.

That said, we may change this site’s use of cookies, and this privacy statement. If we do, it will be reflected in the “Last Updated” date under the title of this section. And we will try hard to change for the better.

Lastly, we’re obligated to tell you: This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

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