Forgotton Anne wins at IMGA Global

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We mentioned a while back that Forgotton Anne was available on mobile platforms like iOS and Android, and now we’re pleased to announce the game won the Best Storytelling category at the Global edition of the 16th International Mobile Gaming Awards.

The original ceremony, to be held in San Francisco, was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the complete winners list is now available on the IMGA YouTube channel.

We’re re-sharing the acceptance video from Alfred Nguyen (creative director) below because we feel it beautifully expresses why we do what we do. Cheers to the entire ThroughLine team!

P.S. Even though this award recognizes the game’s excellence on mobile, if you’re interested in picking up a copy for Windows/Mac the game is 60% off on Steam until 7 August.

BIG wins for good friends

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Hey everyone, we hope you’ll join us in congratulating two of our collaborators who took home awards from the Brazil Independent Games (BIG) Festival, held the evening of 28 June in São Paulo.

Though they were up against a bevvy of equally high-quality international competitors Forgotton Anne by ThroughLine Games won for Best Narrative and Unheard by NEXT Studios won for Best Sound. Cheers to both teams!

Also kudos to the other nominees (full list here) and obrigado to the festival jury!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the winners, they’re available at a discount as part of the Steam Summer Sale, which runs until 9 July. Links below.

Forgotton Anne
50% OFF
(Collector’s Edition also available.)

30% OFF

And we want to share two pieces of project news before we say até a próxima (that means “till next time”)…

  • You can now play Forgotton Anne on the go! Working with Inc., the game is now available on iOS and features a free demo area, with the full version for $9.99. Please note: the app requires iOS 9 and a device with 2 GB of RAM or more to run.

  • There’s a cool new case in the works for Unheard, with more details to be revealed in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

Polyhedron @ DreamHack Atlanta 2018 – Update #2

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Finally home after a grueling but glorious weekend.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by, gave the game a whirl, and had kind things to say afterward; special thanks to those who were open to saying them on camera. Preparing for a major expo can be stressful, but your enthusiasm fuels us and makes the whole experience an absolute joy.

Also thanks to the other cool developers (and studios) who were showing in the Indie Zone — we loved meeting/getting to know you, and relished the opportunity to play your awesome work!

Polyhedron @ DreamHack Atlanta 2018

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Hey all, got some very exciting news to share — we’re joining forces again with our friends at ThroughLine Games to bring Forgotton Anne to DreamHack Atlanta 2018!

While the team is in Denmark putting the finishing touches on the upcoming Nintendo Switch release (available 9 November), we’ll be in Georgia to show the game to fans, streamers, and press.

If you’re planning to attent the expo: Swing by, say hi, grab a controller and lose yourself in the Forgotten Realm. And who knows… we may even have prizes to give away.

Forgotton Anne released today

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Despite our superior mental capacity, we humans tend to forget a lot of stuff. Like where we left our keys…

But what if the things we’ve forgotten weren’t simply lost; what if they were actually transported to a realm FULL of other forgotten objects, which can now think and move and speak?

That’s the premise of Forgotton Anne, a gorgeous cinematic adventure, developed by Danish indie studio ThroughLine Games, published by the Square Enix Collective, and released today for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

We first met the ThroughLine team when they arrived in Montréal to be a part of Execution Labs‘ incubator program at GamePlay Space. Over the course of six months, they developed the concept into a playable prototype, and even at that early stage we knew it was going to be something special.

So we were thrilled when they invited us to spend a month in Copenhagen to help with the writing and editing process. We worked alongside creative director Alfred Nguyen, lead writer Morten Brunbjerg, and the rest of the talented team there to deliver what you can now download and enjoy for yourself.

Forgive the obvious bias, but Forgotton Anne has the makings of a masterpiece. It seamlessly merges a touching, complex story with compelling puzzles and platforming, brought to life by stunning, anime-inspired visuals, strong voice acting, and a sweeping orchestral score (composed by Peter Due and performed by the Copenhagen Philharmonic).

We could not be more proud of the dedicated individuals who made this, or of small part we played in its production.

Visit the game’s official website — — to learn more and check out the launch trailer below.